Glass fibre reinforce polymer is a composite of glass fibre and polymer which endures with the unique properties of all weather resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength to low weight, acid alkali resistance, termite and pest resistance, high durablity, ecofriendly, long lasting, interesting choice of colours and shapes, cost effectiveness and the list goes on. With a host of properties to its cap FRP is the trend of the new generation lifestyle…….

NEO PLAST fiberglass door feature full length composite stiles to prevent water infiltration into the door and ensure our door will never warp, rot, or rust. Our doorframe molding will not absorb moisture and resists splitting, rotting and insect damage. While other companies may use a few inches of composite material finger jointed to wood at the bottom of their frames, NEO PLAST fiber is proud to offer centprecent full-length composite frames.

NEO PLAST fiber doors and frames having unique poly-fiber formulation provides durability, support and reliable strength, looks and feels like wood, but is stronger and more durable doors.

• DOORS*{frp doors available in variable sizes, attractive colours and models}
• DOOR FRAME{ Pultruded Solid/hollowmodel with different colours and dimensions}
• SHEETS {Plain, crinkled, designer type, corrugated, domes and other designs}
• LININGS{ For corrosion/acid/alkali resistance}
• TRANSPORT{ Railway coach parts, mudguard, dashboard, ceiling, mirror frame, vehicle seats, tractor bonnete cover, hood, auto body etc.}

Our products

  • Door Section
  • Fiber Main Door
  • Door FRP
  • FRP Flush Doors
  • Fiber Bed Room Door
  • Safety Doors
  • Fiber Toilet Door
  • Fiber Bathroom Door
  • Fiber Glass Windows
  • Fiber Glass Door
  • Windows FRP
  • Ventilation Door
  • Fiber Frame
  • Cabinet Fiber Door
  • Fiber Window
  • FRP Roof Sheets

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